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November 2, 2021
One of New York City’s Most Famous Galleries Presents a Special Exhibit at The Joule in Dallas
Megan Ziots

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A highlight of the Karma installation at The Joule is Mungo Thomson’s “September 3, 1984 (Ferraro Fights Back).”

Currently on view at downtown Dallas’ The Joule hotel, an installation from famous New York City art gallery Karma will spotlight four of the essential East Village spot’s most popular artists coinciding with the Dallas Art Fair (November 11 through 14).  Temporarily replacing The Joule’s permanent (and incredible) art collection, painting and sculptures from Peter Bradley, Ann Craven, Paul Mogenson, and Mungo Thomson will be set up throughout downtown destination to ponder and admire.

Discover a bit more about each artist and their work on view at The Joule this month.

Peter Bradley

The artist is known for his vibrant abstract paintings, where vivid hues splatter and stain the canvas. Associated with the Color Field Movement, popularized in the ’50s and ’60s by artists like Mark Rothko, Bradley will have two of his pieces on display: a lavender-hued work splattered with different greens and blues, and a bright yellow piece with reds and oranges.

Ann Craven

Boston-native Ann Craven paints lush portraits of the moon, birds, and flowers. Four of her pieces are on view at The Joule, including a diagonally-striped and colorful painting, and a pair of dark trees hiding the moon.

Paul Mogenson

Los Angeles-based Paul Mogenson is known for brightly colored, cut-out canvases, and mathematical progressions. His highly precise works, including no title (minus 1/8th), are on view The Joule this month.

A highlight of the Karma installation at The Joule is Mungo Thomson’s September 3, 1984 (Ferraro Fights Back). It’s part of Thomson’s TIME series where the viewer looks at their reflection on a mirror made to look like a magazine cover. A multi-media artist, Thomson’s work approaches mass culture and everyday experience.

At downtown hotel, Karma is also offering a curated selection of publications from its catalog to purchase.