April 1, 2017
Dike Blair
Noemi Smolik

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For more than three decades, the American artist Dike Blair has dedicated himself to an increasingly rare kind of painting. It’s been overshadowed on the one hand by neo- and post-expressionist styles feigning an authenticity that doesn’t exist anymore, that’s no longer possible, and on the other hand by a post-Conceptual approach whose practitioners often act especially cool to cover up the fact that they don’t actually believe in their jaded view of their métier. Blair, by contrast, is all about painting, and about seeing. That may not sound exactly thrilling, and it’s taken critics a long time to take notice of his work. It has rarely been shown in galleries in Europe, so this exhibition of his gouaches and sculpture was a welcome opportunity.

Blair’s painting is undemonstrative and, more than anything else, sincere, although the artist himself has argued in an interview that

— Noemi Smolik