Matt Kenny
Feelings of Control
Karma, New York, 2011
44 pages
11 × 8 12 inches
Edition of 500


1. Pro-football players go on strike.

2. Increase in exorcisms reported by the Roman Catholic Church; innovative teaching technique.

3. Big Apple Corruption. Piercing but often cluttered.

4. A girl’s new dog appears to be a paralyzed man’s only hope.

5. An alcoholic father and a menacing neighbor become real-life monsters.

6. The killer whale tries to find his family.

7. A psychic discovers a plot to kill the President.

8. A childlike oddball becomes obsessed with resuming his relationship with his childhood best friend.

9. Kidnapping; Paternity; Family Feuds.

10. Ice skater’s life is marked with a period of drug abuse and self-destructive behavior.