Alvaro Barrington
January 12–February 25, 2023

Oh, Sandy? Sandy, Sandy
188 & 172 East 2nd Street
New York

Oh Sandy, why did you leave me all alone
Anton Kern
16 E 55th Street
New York

Figuring it out is hard and I’m sorry

We have to be gentle with each other’s hearts

I Like America and America likes me

How dare you make this harder

Why cant you let me have this

You cant be this liberally idiotic like common sense has to come into play at some point


Show me the incentive and ill show you the outcome

Alternative currency schemes

They fell for the rhetoric they fell for the hype

Negros take abuse as a sign of love

The patina of the privilege class

The story is no longer the boss instead we sell narratives

I think most people just want to improve their condition and i dont think people are as tied up on the philosophy of the government as they are about improving their condition

The creation of the library across the united states was the greatest act of philanthropy

We must build before the backshots

Unholy alliance

Every debt is a social obligation

Play stupid games win stupid prizes

I think they just dont care about the sensitivities and not caring about the sensitivities when you’re talking about black people when your talking about black people not caring about them is the same as hating them

Pop culture is Art plus time

Alternative asset class

Experienced to be photographed

Rage against the dying of light

Chief everything officer

Professional buzz words

Peak entitled neoliberal feminist

Betta belly burst than good food waste

We have all become very adept at saying things that are technically true but lack context

People want any type of Fame even if its embarrassing

You know the family dynamics on repeat

You reading about you and you aint wrote

Middle class laziness and entitlement masquerading as social justice warriors

Id prefer clarity to agreement

The Math aint Mathing

You ever lived with somebody while they eating you starved

Asset Bubble

Of all the things i care about this is below my line

Educated by other people’s interest

Who is served by these stories

-Alvaro Barrington