Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili, CAConrad, Jason Dodge, Tony Just
Auguries Cast Aside
January 10–February 17, 2019
Opening reception: Thursday January 10, 6-8pm

Readings and performances by Hilton Als, Kirsty Bell and CAConrad: Sunday January 13, 4pm

Auguries Cast Aside

                                                        to enter the sky with our bodies
                                                        the principal concern for
                                                        inventing airplanes
                                                   no one taught me this
                                      any more than they taught me
                     to say good morning to my hippocampus
                      but I do because I love my hippocampus
                                        I was in a band one summer
                                        we never could harmonize
                                        we smiled and kept playing
                                        we loved our united disunity
                                        a wild stubborn focus
                                        chewing its way out
                                        how awkward the
                                        archer after
                                        his arrow
                                        first time getting
                                        into bed just
                                        for sex
                                      they say
                               I’m old now
                            ask my advice
                   all I have to offer is
            make as many mistakes
     as you can handle but make
  them as soon as possible
  oh and don’t waste time
following each other from
opposite sides of the river
   when storm blows wig
      off my head it simply
        means it is time to let
         the storm take its share