Reggie Burrows Hodges
September 30, 2023–Ongoing
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

151 Third Street
San Francisco, California

Reggie Burrows Hodges: Incline features the debut of Labor: Keepers Orchard, the Bay Area artist’s newest and largest painting to date. Made with paint and pastel on deep black grounds, Burrows Hodges’ softly beautiful narrative works feature people as they steer, serve, soar and shine. Keepers Orchard is the most recent entry in Hodges’ series, Labor, which highlights the people who tend the land, from the artist’s hometown of Compton to his current home in the Bay Area. In this monumental, 25-foot work, Hodges depicts a single worker in a sweeping California landscape with the majesty of Impressionist painting, shadowed by a contemporary awareness of the beauty, bitterness, and fragility of our world. The artist’s work suggests questions around our relationship to the environment at a crucial turning point: in which direction are we inclined to turn?