Robert Grosvenor
November 12–December 23, 2022

Karma, Los Angeles
7351 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, California

Karma is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of work by Robert Grosvenor. Located at 7351 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, the show will run from November 12 to December 21, 2022.

A painted steel exterior exposes patches of movement, signs perhaps of a human hand. The color, a greenish yellow, coats a form which is at once recognizable and enigmatic. Placed  atop rubber tires, a form of a classic American car is evoked, yet further modified by Grosvenor to become a sculpture which resists representation.

In another work, a curving form in blue is made of fiberglass, wood cardboard. The structure also features curving edges, but in place of a sanded, smooth surface, its swoops are studded with rows of soft semi-spheres. Reminiscent of modern furniture, the work radiates  from Grosvenor’s practice which finds in mid-century technologies and cultural lores the means to expand the definitions of sculpture.

Owing to a wide-ranging body of work which includes drawing, photography and monumental sculpture, and coupled with an aversion to rationalizations of his work through language, Grosvenor’s output is elusive. And while his work has been included in seminal exhibitions of Minimalism, Grosvenor has always maintained his own program, in which playfulness, nostalgia, and retrofuturism takes the place of the cool austerity emblematic of the genre. The result is an expansiveness, sourced from Grosvenor’s ability to find in the bevy of collective culture and technological innovation surprising constructions which rewires expectations and demands close inspection.