Aaron Aujla and Dylan Bailey

June 22nd–July 14, 2012
21 Downing Street, New York, NY 10014

Aaron Aujla and Dylan Bailey invite you to the opening of SUMMER.

Inspired by the infinite sea and the life of those who live along it, artists Aaron Aujla and Dylan Bailey set out to replicate objects found in the interiors of homes along the coast. The result is a set of objects that are available for sale at Summer, a Manhattan home and garden destination that offers quality goods for those who seek a romantic escape from the city’s chaos. From fresh white cotton towels and linens, to buckets meticulously hand painted to resemble enameled metal—Aujla and Bailey reveal the culture of beach side artistry and its inner-workings by re-creating it.

Available interior elements include a large dining table made from found drift wood that invites those who dine upon it to ponder its origin. A piece of wood, defined by its journey as a drifter, finds itself welcomed by those who envy its previous life and passioned to reinvent its new purpose—a stage for a real life vignette. Small drift wood key chains are also for sale, individual handed painted by Aujla and Bailey to suggest small transitory buoy that you can carry with you where you may go. This buoy, like all buoys, is a device for many purposes—an object that can be anchored or an object that can be allowed to drift.

Items for sale will include

Designer furniture
Beach towels
Artisan mirrors
Salvaged wood shelves
Framed artworks and decorations
Candles and ceramics

Pots and planters
Moss gardens
Plants and botanicals
Gardening tools
Outdoor furniture
Hanging baskets
Coral and sea shells

The store will be host to special events including:

June 22nd 6-9PM
A Summer Celebration

June 30th 12-7PM
Fourth of July BBQ

July 7th 12-7PM
Farmers Market

21 Downing St.
New York, NY 10014
917 675 7508

Store Hours:
Monday – Saturday, 12-7PM