Verne Dawson
The Consortium
February 11–April 29, 2006

37 Rue de Longvic
21000 Dijon, France

The movements of the sun, our moon, planets and stars are all parameters of time. The very structure of our existence is based on these extraterrestrial objects. A datum as obvious as the seven-day week reveals its origin in the name given to each day. Sunday or SUN-day (day of the sun; Monday day of the MOON; Tuesday day of MARCH; Wednesday day of MERCURY; Thursday day of JUPITER or Thor (Thursday); VENUS for Friday or Freida for Freitag or Friday; SATURN for Saturday (Saturday) These celestial spheres are the only ones in our solar system that can be seen with the naked eye on a clear night, today as when they were named in the ancient land of Sumer, and they are the even to which prehistoric art already alluded. the study of the mathematical and astronomical significance of ancient sites, supplemented by that of folklore, religions and popular arts, reveals a cultural continuity which goes back at least forty thousand years, or even more if one takes into account oral tradition in Africa. Even today the ancient sciences and myths offer pragmatic solutions to the challenges of linear time and our concomitant loss of nature. As an artist, it is particularly satisfying to be able to work in keeping with this tradition and having opted for the pictorial technique, because it is a link between past and future, like the circus which erects its axis mundi or the fairy tale that the parent reads to his child.
– Verne Dawson