April 2021
Ann Craven: Animals Birds Flowers Moons
Elena Clavarino

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Ann Craven, Snowy Owls (after Audubon, Blue Night with Full Moon, Again), 2021, 2021. Courtesy of Karma, New York.

For the American artist Ann Craven, the moon is an ideal subject for a painting. “It’s a variable that’s constant but changing … perfect for my work.” Craven is fascinated with the cyclical quality of life, with memory, time, and change. She paints in bold strokes, the childlike simplicity of her subjects layered with references to photographs, other paintings, and historical works. Craven’s paintings are divided across Karma’s three spaces, each accompanied by a monograph. The texts align with Craven’s assorted animals, flowers, birds, and moons, images she “revisits” over and over again. —E.C.