99 Cents or Less
Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit / Karma, 2018
288 pages
11 ½ × 8 ¼ inches
Edition of 500


This volume presents every artwork made for, and installation photographs of, “99 Cents or Less” an exhibition from Summer 2017 at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit, that invited a diverse, multigenerational group of American artists to make
new work using items purchased for no more than $99 in one of the country’s pervasive chain bargain stores. The idea of the show confronts the commodification of art and the value of objects, as well as the impact of free trade, manufacturing, and global consumerism on society. MOCAD is interested in creating critical dialogue around these issues and looking at how low cost mass production has impacted consumer behavior and the history of Detroit.

One main reference point for the exhibition is, of course, the 100th anniversary of Duchamp’s readymades. During this same period, Detroit has played a major part in the development of industrial mass production and
manufacturing. The exhibition can be read as a critique of excess, but also looks at the complicated system through which art institutions are
funded in the United States.

The artists include: Kathryn Andrews, John Baldessari, Michael Bell-Smith, Brian Belott, Dora Budor, Matt Connors, Bjorn Copeland, Sarah Crowner, Sara Cwynar, N. Dash, Nathaniel de Large, Michael DeLucia, Jim Drain, Josh Faught, Harrell Fletcher, Liam Gillick, Samara Golden, Piero Golia, Michelle Grabner, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Ben Hall, Jonathan Horowitz, Alex Israel, Alfredo Jaar, Colter Jacobsen, Elizabeth Jaeger, Meredith James, Matt Johnson, Rashid Johnson, Jamian Juliano-Villani, Andrew Kuo, Pamela Lins, Shana Lutker, Medrie Macphee, Jill Magid, Josephine Meckseper, Sarah Meyohas, Matt Mullican, Ruben Ochoa, Arthur Ou, Virginia Overton, Walter Price, Rob Pruitt, John Riepenhoff, Matthew Ronay, Aura Rosenberg, Amanda Ross-Ho, Sterling Ruby, Arlene Shechet, Amy Sillman, Casey Silverstein, Laurie Simmons, Michael E. Smith, Agathe Snow, Valeska Soares, Haim Steinbach, Jessica Stockholder, Ricky Swallow, Maika’i Tubbs.