Collier Schorr
8 ½ Women
April 29–May 4, 2014

39 Great Jones St
New York, NY 10012

Collier Schorr8 Women
Publication launch and exhibition
Tuesday April 29, 2014. 6–8pm



Love You Long Time.
Collier Schorr
That’s what she told me.
No she said…no deadline
She explained she needed me to write something right away.
“Think of it as sliding into home”.
I’ve know Collier long time.
Met her in 1986. She showed up at 303 Gallery where I was living… when it was on 303 Park Ave. South. Not sure why she showed up. Said she wanted to work for me. Work for the gallery. She never really did much work for me. I hadn’t ever had an assistant… and didn’t really need one so I think she ended up hanging around Lisa Spellman who ran 303.

In the late eighties she sublet my apartment on 12th and Ave. A. The only thing hanging in the apartment at the time was the original print of Spiritual America… the one that I showed on Rivington St. It was still in its “gold” frame with the museum light attached to the top of the frame. A small 8×10 print with a lot of matt board around it. It was hanging in the “railroad” part of the apartment. She would talk to me about living with the image… how it was the perfect image for her to live with at that time… that it became for her a kind of religious icon or something otherworldly, an image that was hard to define because of its man-boy-women-girl beauty.

(Excerpted from Richard Prince’s text in 8 Women)