The Missing Picture
Galleria Sculptor
September 28–October 16, 2016
Eteläranta 12 00130 Helsinki

The Missing Picture presents an extensive collection of paintings by Henni Alftan. These paintings are the result of looking at the world and the images that already exist from it. Small everyday remarks mingle with thoughts of painting; the hand-changing banknote changes to an image of a brush stroke, the surface of the water being equal to the surface of the painting canvas itself. Making art and the rest of life are woven into the same fabric. Making art is a way of perceiving, trying to understand, and giving meaning to the world. Find eternity from this moment.

Alpha paints pictures. He is interested in the relationship of the image to the material that concretizes it and makes it visible. Therefore, the subject of his paintings is equally the painting itself, that is, its history, the paint as a material, the painting as an object. His paintings are constructed, often reduced, and the way he paints them is predetermined. Painting and image often mimic each other.

Henni Alftan is a graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris and lives in France. In Finland, his work has been seen e.g. Galerie in Anhava, Forum Box, Galleria Huuto and the art museums of Amos Anderson, Lappeenranta and Lahti. Last year, he worked for six months at the ISCP artist residency in New York. Some of the works in the exhibition were created during this time.