Nicolas Party
Magritte Parti
Magritte Museum
May 23–November 18, 2018

Rue du Musée / Museumstraat 9
B-1000 Brussels, Belguim

Several works by René Magritte are exceptionally crossing the ocean, for the exhibition René Magritte: The Fifth Season at the prestigious San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts (SF MoMA) from 19 May until 28 October 2018.

During this period, the Magritte Museum presents works of the contemporary artist Nicolas Party, who created a unique dialogue with Magritte’s fascinating universe. Nicolas Party’s playful and colorful creations – exclusively made for the Magritte Museum – will turn the place upside down!

Today Nicolas Party, born in Lausanne in 1980, is recognized for his electrically sensitive pastels that feed on a make-believe world that is at once gentle and ironic. At the Museum, he engage in dialogue with René Magritte, a painter who has made a deep and lastingly impression on him. Looking at these pastels with their new sensuality, the two artists meet in certain aspects. First among these is a striking sense of mystery and the resurgence of the marvellous. Both artists are keen to show the “beautiful side of things” as well as to re-enchant an over-morose and utilitarian reality.

Next to more than twenty pastels and sculptures, Nicolas Party also created a large mural in context of this project.