Will Boone
July 27–September 10, 2016

163 N. Mission Road
Los Angeles, CA 90033

A scene is both a physical place where a real event occurs, and a sequence of continual fictitious action. It could be a crime scene, riddled with evidence describing an incident that has transpired. It could be a sinister residence, the home of a cruel heartless man. The villain. It could be a steamy love scene in the shower with two actors—two strangers—pretending to want one another, pure fiction. Or two strangers sitting in a bar.

I’ve stood on the X in Dealey Plaza. The spot where JFK was shot. I’ve been to Graceland, the place Elvis Presley lived, and where he died. A place has inherent memory. It remembers the events of its own mythology and this becomes its identity.

The film set has a similar memory, though it recalls simulated reality. A physical place where unreality exists. No room for truth, only storytelling. The set is a house where no one can live. A non-space. There is a place to sit but no fridge. I’m not sure the water even works. They are just props—representations of things—holding up the story, making it more real.

Scenes is an exhibition that occupies a filming location in East Los Angeles. Over the course of six weeks, the artist will use the site to create video works. The installation will transform as the space functions as a film set. This environment is a space for the artist to continue investigating themes of domesticity, American subcultures, portraiture and storytelling.