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June 7, 2019
Aspen Art Museum unveils four new exhibits
Tessa Guthrie

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Aspen Art Museum hosted a gallery opening Thursday night to celebrate the opening this week of four new exhibits. The exhibits include Etel Adnan’s “Each day is a whole world,” Walter Price’s “We passed like ships in the night,” Oscar Tuazon’s “Fire Worship,” and Erika Verzutti’s “Venus Yogini.” The gallery opening had entertainment, food and drink, and a gallery walkthrough with AAM CEO, Heidi Zuckerman.

The four exhibits vary in style and mediums. Etel Adnan’s “Each day is a whole world,” exhibit features 11 works from the well known artist in galleries five and six. Adnan’s paintings feature abstract landscapes conveyed through vivid colors. Walter Price’s exhibit, “We passed like ships in the night,” includes seven paintings, in gallery four, done during his time as an artist-in-residence at the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation on Captiva Island. His work displays landscapes and contrasting objects. Oscar Tuazon’s “Fire Worship” is a temporary installation piece on the rooftop deck of the museum. The piece is a large, concrete fire pit that will serve as a functional and interactive work of art. Finally, Erika Verzutti’s “Venus Yogini” exhibit will feature sculptural works meant to combine everyday objects with the imagination. Her piece on display outside of the AAM draws inspiration from Venus, the goddess of love, sex, fertility and beauty. All of the exhibits will stay at the AAM through summer and into fall.