Jonathan Berger
The House of Thought
November 18–December 6, 2011

21 Downing Street
New York, NY 10014

The House of Thought is one version of an autobiography, rooted in part in the work that I do, and largely in the impact of that which I have encountered and remains on my mind. This is a personal history, which begins in 1980 and is read through the lens of the past year.

The House of Thought includes 100 subjects; an assembly of things that I have been thinking about, researching, collecting, working with, reading, making, looking at, listening to, revisiting, and supporting.

These 100 subjects exist as a complete collection, in a certain sense evolving from an interest in the 16th and 17th century formats of the Wunderkammer and Kunstkammer, with which I have been preoccupied for some time. I hope that this group of materials as a whole will offer my notion of what significance can be, and a prismatic and non-hierarchical way of thinking.

While I am the author of the collection, each subject remains its own author.

Many of these materials presented are related in some way to various future projects, which are planned for 2013-2015 and presently under construction. This is the first time that I am sharing any aspect of my process. It is an experiment; an exercise in trust and vulnerability; in making the transitional and fragile process of thought public.

My most sincere gratitude to each of the people attached to the materials I have included and the artists who have made them. Thank you for your generosity, for being who you are and doing what you do.

New York City